Dennis Fountaine

Dennis Fountaine is a technologist and entrepreneurial inventor. He has been conceptualizing, researching, developing and licensing new products and technologies for 20+ years.

Mr. Fountaine's first claim to fame came instantly at his birth when he was born a triplet and his parents had just had twin boys six years earlier. Since this was such a rare event, it put him and his triplet brother and sister on the cover of newspapers world-wide.

He grew up on Long Island where he discovered his love of film and television production while attending Syosset High School. He worked on the very first video program funded by a grant from the New York Board of Education. Mr. Fountaine was also one of the first Disc Jockeys on the air at the brand new high school radio station, WKWZ FM.

After high school, Dennis Fountaine attended Syracuse University, where he majored in Film and Television Production at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

While at Syracuse, Mr. Fountaine was also employed at WSYR TV, WAER FM and the Synapse Video & Post Production Center. Additionally, Mr. Fountaine met and befriended Syracuse Alumni, NBC Network Chief, Fred Silverman who encouraged him to pursue the creative end of television.

Mr. Fountaine took his advice and created and wrote a variety of notable pilots for both broadcast and cable, creating the Mini-Pilot Concept, whereby short scenes from the pilots would be produced and presented (Pitched) to the networks.

After graduation, Dennis relocated to Seattle, Washington and formed a film and television production company to create and produce Music Videos, TV Commercials, Documentaries and TV Pilots.

Mr. Fountaine operated his independently owned video and film production company for 5 years, producing award winning films, television commercials and music videos. Fountaine's company created, wrote, produced, directed and edited a number of award winning rock videos (HEART, THE CRACKERS) and has worked with numerous Musical Legends, like Todd Rundgren.

Mr. Fountaine has conceived, written, directed and produced a number of award winning TV Commercials, TV Programs and Industrial and Independent Films.

Mr. Fountaine then developed a method for helping G.I.s to better communicate with friends and family back home, around the world through video.

It was then that Mr. Fountaine was 'bitten' by the Inventor's Bug as he developed the VIDEO CAPSULE, a fully automated, circular booth (think Photo-booth but with video), where the GI would, through a step-by-step, fully automated process, record their own personalized five-minute video.

During this period Mr. Fountaine continued with his new found love of inventing while pursuing a number of film and television projects.

He was then convinced "inventing" was his true calling, so he formed a product development company to conceive, research, develop, prototype, exploit and license his new product concepts.

This Product Development company became a renowned and award winning product development company, which specializes in the conception, research, development, marketing and licensing of new, innovative cutting-edge, consumer products. Always one step ahead, spotting new emerging market trends right before they happen and creating products based on those trends.

Since then, Mr. Fountaine has created a number of successful consumer products.

His product innovations have been quite diversified, ranging from food products (new Ice Cream Desserts) to automotive, consumer electronics, home entertainment, law enforcement/security products, toy products, award winning pet toys and digital apps and NFT projects.

He also created and developed the very first Bluetooth Wireless Ear Piece for mobile phones.

Additionally, he has created and licensed, among others; Lifepod, Drone Toys, The Self-Control Remote Control Glove, The Thing In A Bag Cat Toy, The Doggie Bag Dog Toy, Petattoos, The Critter Power Station, The WatchDog Wearable Video Recording Unit for Law Enforcement, The Outrageous Fortune Kookie and The Robbin's Egg Ice Cream Desserts.

Mr. Fountaine also created and developed a new technology called Movieoke (Face Replacement), whereby a User's live, real-time video (as individuals or as groups) is electronically seamlessly placed over the face or body of an actor or cartoon character in iconic clips from famous movies, television programs, television commercials, animated features/cartoons, music videos and news/entertainment clips. This patented technology has been developed for both the Internet (Me 2 Media) and Mobile (ME2MEDIA). Both versions have a Social Media aspect where Users can meet by appearing in the favorite clips together with friends, family or complete strangers from around the world.

Both new forms of Digital Entertainment whereby the user's live, real-time video replaces the faces of famous characters in a "Movieoke" type process.

Shortly thereafter he formed Rocket Media Labs as the digital media arm of his development company to create, develop and license digital media applications and animated characters from; Qyzmo, The Quest, Invasion of the Nematodes, The Eleanor Chronicles and The Time B4 Time.

Mr. Fountaine is also preparing to introduce several innovative and new digital technology, Metaverse and Blockchain technologies and applications including Meta Republix - an NFT Technology Company, M2ID - Mobile Modulation Identification; a revolutionary mobile "Real-World" gaming technology.

He is also in development on a Neck Worn Device/Appliance for Sleep Apnea, Motion Memory, a fun home exercise gaming and quiz product, which develops and exercises both the body and mind Engram Labs Also in development are a variety of children's electronics, like Dronester, Qyzmo, Fone Friends and XVision. He is also continually innovating, creating and developing new Pet Products.

Dennis Fountaine has been nominated as one of the top 2021100 Inventors, a forward thinking Innovator and Inventor as well as Poet.

Mr. Fountaine continues to innovate through his research and creativity. One of his passions is in developing Anti-aging/reverse aging research, which will expand our abilities to live healthy and comfortable lives well into our hundreds.

Dennis Fountaine is also researching and developing the next generation and evolution of entertainment devices based on the works and research of Dr. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Delgado, whereby viewers of entertainment media would experience and actually feel the emotions of the actors on screen via magnetic stimulation of the viewer's Brain.

Fountaine has also researched and theorized a new and innovative Cosmological Event One theory called The Cosmological Stack Theory, which goes beyond the Big Bang Theory and further explains the origins and synergies between our Universe and its place in the Cosmos.

Mr. Fountaine will continue to conceptualize, invent, innovate, develop and research the technologies and products that will make our futures more exciting, entertaining and livable.